We assist our clients in complying with complex statutory provisions casting obligations of mandatory disclosures of corporate information to the Government Authorities, stock exchanges, and independent regulatory bodies under the provisions of corporate legislation and also assist the clients in gathering, compiling, and updating information, documents, and records mandated under the said legislations. In particular, we deal with subject matters including

(i). Secretarial audit and duc diligencc of secretarial compliances.
(ii).Maintenance of statutory books (other than book of accounts), registers and records.
(iii).Advising and assisting the clients on filling and filing of statutory forms, challan for payment of taxes, various duties, levies and cess etc.
(iv).Advising and assisting on appointment of key managerial personnel in the Companies.
(v). Advising and assisting the clients in replying to the queries/ show cause notices of the Reserve Bank ol India (RBI), Registrar of Companies (ROC), Ministry of Corporat.c Affairs (MCA), Stock Bxchanges, Securities & Ilxchange Board of India (SDIll), Income ‘lax Department, Sales Tax Department, Excise & Customs, Service Tax Department, Director General of Foreign Trade (DGIIT) , Iroreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), Foreign Resident Registral.ion Office (FRRO) etc.
(iv). Assisting the clients in obtaining digital signature certificate (DSC) from the certified agencies.
(vii). Assisting the clients in obtaining Director Identi{ication Number (DIN) from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
Assisting the clients in holding and conducting meetings of the board of directors and shareholders and also assisting in drafting of agenda and minutes of the meetings.
(viii) . Formation of employee stock option plan (BSOP), registration of ESOP trust.